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We may not be able to perform for you in person right now, but we have the pleasure of connecting with you digitally to celebrate dance, dancers and dance making.

Created exclusively for our online audience, SJD SHORTS are specially created dance events designed to introduce the very best of our past productions. Performed by superb dancers, they feature themes that range from Virology to Veronese!

Curated by Shobana Jeyasingh and Sanjoy Roy, SJD SHORTS can be enjoyed by the seasoned contemporary dance fan, as well as those who want to experience something new.

Each of our SJD SHORTS is premiered on Facebook, after which it’s available for 7-day catch-up on Facebook and YouTube.


Monday 20 April, 7pm: Configurations

Sunday 17 May, 7pm: Faultline

Sunday 31 May, 7pm: Strange Blooms

Monday 22 June, 7pm: TooMortal

Monday 6 July, 7pm: Outlander/Études

Monday 20 July, 7pm: Material Men redux

Monday 3 August, 7pm: Staging Schiele

Monday 17 August, 7pm: Contagion

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