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Faultline, made in 2007, has three starting points. Firstly, Shobana’s awareness of public anxiety around young Asians – particularly men – and our fears of terrorism. Secondly Gautam Malkani’s novel Londonstani, a story about young Asian men in southwest London, written in a razor-sharp, slangy style. And lastly a recording Shobana heard in which a soprano voice had been electronically manipulated; she liked the tense, unsettling effect. These became structuring ideas for the piece, and in rehearsal the dancers explored male groups, male-female relationships, ways of expressing disturbance or dislocation, and gesture, both classical and everyday.

This resource pack provides support for the study and teaching of Faultline at GCSE level. It explores the work’s themes, the choreographic process and Shobana’s movement vocabulary in detail.

A DVD of the work is available upon request (and stock permitting).

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