TooMortal (2012)

A beautiful and mesmerising work strikingly set within historic churches.

Dancing within the pews, six women dressed in flame red weave a story that moves between power and quiet reflection. Are they charting a journey from cradle to grave? Or cast adrift on a wooden sea?

The soundtrack by sound artist Cassiel remixes Tenebrae Responsories by James MacMillan, creating an atmosphere of calm solemnity infused with tense, sometimes ominous, flavours.

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Tour Dates

Long one of the most individual voices on the British dance scene, Shobana Jeyasingh never ceases to surprise us.
The Times

  • Bath
    Thu 3 to Sat 5
    Apr 2014

    Presented by ICIA Bath University & Bath Dance
    St Mary the Virgin Church
    Bathwick Hill
    Bath BA2 4EB
    ICIA University of Bath

  • London
    Thu 10 to Sat 12
    Oct 2013

    As part of Dance Umbrella 2013
    St Pancras Church
    Euston Road
    London NW1 2BA

  • BelgradeThu 20 to Fri 21
    Sept 2012

    As part of BITEF Festival 2012
    Franjevačka crkva
    Štrosmajerova 6, Zemun
    11080 Belgrade, Serbia

  • Stockholm
    Wed 12 to Thu 13
    Sept 2012

    Presented by Dansens Hus Stockholm
    Sankt Jacobs Kyrka
    Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2,
    111 53 Stockholm, Sweden

  • Worcester
    Thu 19 to Sat 21
    Jul 2012

    Presented by Dancefest as part of London 2012 Festival
    St Swithun’s Church
    Church Street
    Worcester WR1 2RH

  • London
    Thu 12 to Sat 14
    Jul 2012

    Presented by Dance Umbrella as part of London 2012 Festival
    St Pancras Church
    Euston Road
    London NW1 2BA

  • London
    Thu 28 to Sat 30
    Jun 2012

    Presented by Dance Umbrella as part of London 2012 Festival
    St Mary’s Old Church
    Church Street, Stoke Newington
    London N16 9ES

  • Venice
    Thu 14 to Sat 16
    Jun 2012

    Presented by Venice Biennale
    St George’s Anglican Church
    Campo San Vio
    Venice, Italy



  • One of the most striking and overpowering [pieces] of her career. Jeyasingh has struck gold with TooMortal.

    The Times

  • TooMortal, a work unlike anything Jeyasingh has made before.

    The Guardian

  • TooMortal is short, just 20 minutes long, yet still manages to evoke a history of birth struggle and death, of communal worship and individual rebellion.

    The Guardian

  • Small dances that make such a profound impression don’t come along every day.

    Dance Magazine

  • Jeyasingh draws power from these overtones [church iconography] without being swept up by them; rather, the choreography engages its setting variously as support, constraint, spur and adversary.

    The Guardian

  • Impressed the eye and lingered in the mind.

    The Times

  • Bottled up in a small space, Too Mortal is full of surprises.

    The Independent

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Hear from Cassiel
Hear from Shobana

Creative Team

  • Shobana Jeyasingh
  • Cassiel
  • Ursula Bombshell
  • Yaron Abulafia
  • Production Manager
    Rachel Shipp
  • Sound Engineer
    Fred De Faye
  • Rehearsal Assistant
    Hayley Ryan


  • Avatâra Ayuso
  • Sunbee Han
  • Noora Kela