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“The anxiety that informs the current debate about Asian youth seems all consuming. For me, this anxiety found its perfect echo in a fragment of music (featuring a much-manipulated soprano voice) that Scanner played me in his studio.”

“At about the same time, I was reading Londonstani by Gautam Malkani, and while it dealt with a slice of British Asian life in Southall, what I connected to most was the mixture of linguistic codes (texting, slang, Punjabi, etc.) which he used to create the voice of his main character.”
— Shobana Jeyasingh

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Faultline is thoughtful and serious, and, as you’d expect from Jeyasingh, a classy collaboration.

London Evening Standard

Fleetly, dazzingly executed, disturbing in what it tells you about another, shadowier, Britain.

The Independent

It’s a piece you can watch over and over again, and always see something new.

The Guardian

Creative Team

Shobana Jeyasingh / Choreographer Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) / Composer Errolyn Wallen / Composer for Vocal Ursula Bombshell / Costume Designer Lucy Carter / Lighting Designer Pete Gomes / Film Director Dick Straker / Projection Designer Matt Fox / Film Lighting & Lighting Cameraman Patricia Rozario / Soprano Lorena Randi / Rehearsal Director Melissa Hetherington / Deputy Rehearsal Director Ed Railton / Production & Technical Manager Paul Bull and Matt Atwood / Interim Production Manager/ Consultant
 Karsten Tinapp / Deputy Technical Manager Nigel Thomas / Sound Engineer


Rashpal Singh Bansal Kamala Devam Yamuna Devi Saju Hari Devaraj Thimmaiah Mandeep Raikhy Mavin Khoo Lisa Stefani Kate Barrow (Apprentice Dancer)


Photos by Chris Nash