Faultline (2007)

“The Anxiety that informs the current debate about Asian youth seems all consuming. For me, this anxiety found its perfect echo in a fragment of music (featuring a much manipulated soprano voice) that Scanner played my in his studio.

At about the same time I was reading Londonstani by Gautam Malkani and while it dealt with a slice of British Asian life in Southall, what I connected to most was the mixture of linguistic codes (texting, slang, Punjabi, etc) which he used to create the voice of his main character.”
Shobana Jeyasingh

Click to read more about Faultline in the programme, including a foreword by dance writer and critic Sanjoy Roy.

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Explore videos including an interview with Shobana Jeyasingh, and a dancers perspective on the making of Faultline.

+ Faultline trailer and interview
+ Creating Character mini documentary
+ Faultline & Bruise Blood preview

Faultline Resources

Faultline is a set professional work on the GCSE specification. We have developed a range of resources to support students and teachers alike. It is also an ideal work to study for BTEC and A-Level.



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Practical and theoretical workshops to assist the teaching of Faultline. Workshops are designed to meet your exact needs and requirements.


Resource Pack

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The resource pack provides a support for the study and teaching of Faultline at GCSE level. It offers comprehensive details on the work from Shobana and the other creative collaborators as well as identifying Faultline’s themes and influences.



Faultline DVD

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This DVD is a superb teaching tool, which is sure to add value to lessons. It contains two beautifully filmed versions of the full-length performance. A wide shot allows the full stage action to be seen in totality; while a second edited version provides a more detailed close up look at the choreography.

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Student Guide

Interactive CD

Available from ArtsPool, this interactive guide features a comprehensive breakdown of Faultline as well as quizzes and revision tips to support students studying at GCSE level. Note: This guide does not feature a full length film of the performance.

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Music & Video

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The incredible Faultline score by Scanner is available to download from iTunes.
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Watch the trailer, featuring an interview with Shobana Jeyasingh, and Creating Character, a mini documentary giving a dancers perspective on the creation process.

Watch the trailer
Watch Creating Character


  • Shobana Jeyasingh is – like Balanchine – a chef, infusing her cooking pot with exotic blends of spice and colour, serving up a dish, rich in imagination and disctinctive of aroma – as she herself describes it: a multi-lingual palette of dance


  • A challenging portrait of Britain at a crucial cultural crossroads

    The Metro

  • Faultline is thoughtful and serious, and, as you’d expect from Jeyasingh, a classy collaboration

    The London Evening Standard

  • Her choreography has found a world it never inhabited before

    The Guardian

  • There’s a melting pot of gesture in Shobana Jeyasingh’s Faultline – Jeyasingh gets the dancers moving crisply, with well-focused partnering and buoyant solo work

    The Independent

  • Fleetly, dazzingly executed, disturbing in what it tells you about another, shadowier, Britain, Faultline is testament to the sterling value of Jeyasingh’s ongoing project

    The Independent

  • It’s a piece you can watch over and over again, and always see something new

    The Guardian

Creative Team

  • Shobana Jeyasingh
  • Ursula Bombshell
  • Lucy Carter
  • Chris Nash
  • Choreographer
    Shobana Jeyasingh
  • Composer
    Robin Rimbaud (Scanner)
  • Composer for Vocal
    Errolyn Wallen
  • Costume Designer
    Ursula Bombshell
  • Lighting Designer
    Lucy Carter
  • Film Director
    Pete Gomes
  • Projection Designer
    Dick Straker
  • Film Lighting & Lighting Cameraman
    Matt Fox
  • Soprano
    Patricia Rozario
  • Photographer
    Chris Nash
  • Rehearsal Director
    Lorena Randi
  • Deputy Rehearsal Director
    Melissa Hetherington
  • Production & Technical Manager
    Ed Railton
  • Interim Production Manager/ Consultant
    Paul Bull and Matt Atwood
  • Deputy Technical Manager
    Karsten Tinapp
  • Sound Engineer
    Nigel Thomas



  • Original Cast
    Rashpal Singh Bansal
    Kamala Devam
    Yamuna Devi
    Saju Hari
    Devaraj Thimmaiah
    Mandeep Raikhy
    Mavin Khoo
    Lisa Stefani
    Kate Barrow (Apprentice Dancer)