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“The anxiety that informs the current debate about Asian youth seems all consuming. For me, this anxiety found its perfect echo in a fragment of music (featuring a much-manipulated soprano voice) that Scanner played me in his studio.”

“At about the same time, I was reading Londonstani by Gautam Malkani, and while it dealt with a slice of British Asian life in Southall, what I connected to most was the mixture of linguistic codes (texting, slang, Punjabi, etc.) which he used to create the voice of his main character.”
— Shobana Jeyasingh

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Listen to Surface Tension – the podcast from Shobana Jeyasingh Dance.
In Episode 2, Guardian Dance Critic Sanjoy Roy talks to Shobana, author Gautam Malkani, composers Scanner and Errollyn Wallen and fillmaker Pete Gomes about their collaboration on Faultline from 2007.


Faultline is thoughtful and serious, and, as you’d expect from Jeyasingh, a classy collaboration.

London Evening Standard

Fleetly, dazzingly executed, disturbing in what it tells you about another, shadowier, Britain.

The Independent

It’s a piece you can watch over and over again, and always see something new.

The Guardian

Creative Team

Shobana Jeyasingh / Choreographer Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) / Composer Errolyn Wallen / Composer for Vocal Ursula Bombshell / Costume Designer Lucy Carter / Lighting Designer Pete Gomes / Film Director Dick Straker / Projection Designer Matt Fox / Film Lighting & Lighting Cameraman Patricia Rozario / Soprano Lorena Randi / Rehearsal Director Melissa Hetherington / Deputy Rehearsal Director Ed Railton / Production & Technical Manager Paul Bull and Matt Atwood / Interim Production Manager/ Consultant
 Karsten Tinapp / Deputy Technical Manager Nigel Thomas / Sound Engineer


Rashpal Singh Bansal Kamala Devam Yamuna Devi Saju Hari Devaraj Thimmaiah Mandeep Raikhy Mavin Khoo Lisa Stefani Kate Barrow (Apprentice Dancer)


Photos by Chris Nash

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