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Bruise Blood

Bruise Blood’s starting point was the music. Shobana had met vocal performer Shlomo (“the human beatbox”) and discovered a shared interest in the music of Steve Reich and were taken by his piece Come Out, 1966. Come Out uses words spoken by a young black Harlem man in the 1960s; he had been wrongly arrested and had to let out his ‘bruise blood’ to show he had been assaulted by the police. His blood was the only evidence available to him. From that specific event Shobana took a more general point: the idea that someone offering up their own body as evidence is also what dancers do.

Although Reich moves quickly from documentary to the abstract, Shobana connects to the evidential nature of dance, which shows its tangled history through the machinery of the human body.


After 21 years, the Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company is still pioneering wholly compelling dance that is both topical and exciting.

Intelligence and invention — a sense of home, both desirable and threatening.

The Guardian

Jeyasingh’s committed dancers and dynamic choreography ensure a hypnotic, if slightly disturbing, evening.

The Stage

Creative Team

Shobana Jeyasingh / Choreographer Steve Reich / Music Glyn Perrin / Composer Shlomo / Beatboxer Ruari Murchison / Designer Guy Hoare / Lighting Designer Chrissy Maddison (made by Jane Temple) / Costume Supervisor Pia Driver / Rehearsal Director Roxor / Other Beatboxers Rachel Shipp / Production Manager Tony Birch / Sound Engineer


Avatâra Ayuso Yamuna Devi Noora Kela Victoria Myerscough Mandeep Raikhy Devaraj Thimmaiah Phil Sanger Noi Tolmer Emily Absalom (Apprentice Dancer)


Photos by Nuno Santos

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