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Back in the studio… March 2021

Zoom has been a life saver in many ways as we have grappled with the restrictions that the coronavirus has placed on us. Dance choreography for theatre, however, needs the energy and physicality that bodies share within the space of a studio. Above all it needs the invisible but vital connections that happen when bodies talk to bodies in an unfettered setting. Dancers and choreographers thrive on these physically dynamic networks.

Freelance dancers, performers, and dance teachers have suffered much during lockdown with cancelled or postponed work and have missed the buzz of creativity that happens in a studio.

With careful planning and not inconsiderable expense (twice weekly testing, deep cleaning, and bubbles supported by private transport) we decided to start work on our planned production. It has been a huge logistical undertaking for a company of our size but we believe that it was right to invest in dance and dancemaking, especially now.

We are more than halfway through creation and it’s been an utter privilege to work with our dance artists, musicians and designers. Sometimes it takes a pandemic for us to appreciate the things we took for granted!

We will keep you in touch with our progress and thank you as ever for your love and support.

Shobana Jeyasingh

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