Material Men redux (2017)

Material Men redux is a full length virtuoso piece for two dazzling performers of the Indian diaspora. Their chosen dance styles could not be more different – classical Indian and hip hop. However, they share a history rooted in the dark realities of colonial migration and plantation labour.

Material Men redux is a dynamic and moving exploration of the violence of loss and the creation of new ways of belonging. Material Men redux features a score by acclaimed Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin including sound design by Leafcutter John. It is played live on stage by The Smith Quartet.

To access the Material Men redux dance resource and video click here.

Tour Dates

“…skilfulness, nuanced power and sheer watchability”
The Times, Material Men 2015


  • Bahoran’s and Subramaniam’s dance forms… produce a tension that is truly captivating to watch. The standing ovation and roar of the audience really said it all.


  • The evening was a jaw-dropping delight.


  • …marvellously intense… the double edges of clarity and complexity, contrast and connection, are pure Jeyasingh.


  • distilled intensity


  • It’s beautiful stuff: full of detail, narrative and emotion…
    Both pieces are a triumph for Shobana Jeyasingh, as was testified by the roaring applause from the dance community making up the audience.


  • …one of our brainiest choreographers…
    …skilfulness, nuanced power and sheer watchability…


Audience Reactions (2015)

  • …positively stunning

  • Amazing chemistry between dancers, space, music score and inspired storytelling

  • Stunning interpretation and choreography

  • Material men BLEW.ME.AWAY…

  • Breathtaking, beautiful and extraordinary

  • Amazing – I’m speechless

  • Incredibly captivating. I wanted to dance with them!

  • Utterly beguiling

  • …Encouraging to see so many young people in the audience

Creative Team

  • Shobana Jeyasingh
  • Electronic Music
    Leafcutter John
  • Live Music
    The Smith Quartet
    Deirdre Cooper
    Ian Humphries
    Rick Koster
    Nic Pendlebury
  • Production Manager
    Sander Loonen
  • Sound Engineer
    Fred De Faye


Material Men was commissioned by Southbank Centre in 2015.

The music of Material Men was commissioned with funding from the RPS Drummond Fund.
Original lighting design (2015) by Bruno Poet.

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance is generously supported by The Foyle Foundation, Garcia Family Foundation, Dr. Michael and Anna Brynberg Charitable Foundation and Oak Foundation.

Material Men images by Jane Hobson.