In Flagrante (2013)

A new lens-based work commissioned by Artakt at the University of the Arts London.

European Union project MitoSys is a major multi-national research initiative in 2014/2015 that aims to deepen public understanding of how cells divide. Part of this project pairs up four leading scientists with four European artists.

Shobana was commissioned to produce a lens-based work in collaboration with leading geneticist Dr Kim Nasmyth of Oxford University. It will form part of the MitoSys exhibition Lens on Life, curated by Marina Wallace, director of Artakt at the University of the Arts in London.

In Flagrante is inspired by the tension and instability inherent in cell division. It is made in collaboration with film-maker Ravi Deepres and features dancer Avatâra Ayuso.

In Flagrante

Exhibition Dates

  • Rome
    10 Jul – 28 Aug

    Federica Schiavo Gallery
    Piazza di Montevecchio, 16
    00186 Rome

  • London
    20 Jan – 27 Feb

    Lethaby Gallery
    1 Granary Square
    London N1C 4AA

Film Stills

Creative Team

  • Music Remix
    Glyn Perrin
  • Costume Research
    Jo Nahye
  • Studio Assistant
    Alicia Clarke
  • Producers
    Charlotte Semelyen & Philippa Barr