Shobana Jeyasingh Dance has over 25 years experience of touring throughout the UK and internationally. Our experienced team has presented work in theatres and non-theatre locations in the UK, Italy, Serbia, Sweden, India and Austria in recent years. We offer a range of mid-scale theatre repertoire that can be programmed within a mixed-bill of our own work or with other artists, as well as site specific work.

Available for Touring

The following works are available for touring within the UK and internationally.

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A beautiful, mesmerising work, strikingly set in historic churches. Dancing within the pews, six women dressed in flame red weave a story that moves between power and quiet reflection. Are they charting a journey from cradle to grave? Or cast adrift on a wooden sea? The commissioned soundtrack creates an atmosphere of calm solemnity infused with tense, sometimes ominous, flavours.

“iconic……powerfully suggestive of submerged stories and sentiments”
The Guardian

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Strange Blooms

A bold and inspirational take on the secret cellular life of plants, Strange Blooms teems with primeval energy. Performing to a fizzing electronic score by Gabriel Prokofiev, the dancers move through a landscape of magical colour and plant inspired animations.

“a work of strange beauty…you wouldn’t think a piece about plants could be such things as agile, kinetic and full of life, but Strange Blooms is all these and more.”

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Bayadère – The Ninth Life

Bayadère – The Ninth Life is a 21st century re-imagining of the celebrated Russian ballet, La Bayadère, choreographed by Marius Petipa in 1877 and set in India. Inspired by the central character in Petipa’s story, the temple dancer Nikiya, this new and many-layered narrative interweaves her story with the real life historic visit of Indian dancers to Europe in 1838. Jeyasingh places her own personal story at this radical meeting point of reality and fantasy to create a new vision of dance that belongs to both India and Europe.

Shobana Jeyasingh is an extremely gifted choreographer and a long-time cultural interrogator. With this novel and typically tightly constructed take on the 19th-century classical ballet warhorse La Bayadère she reconfirms her status as one of the UK’s more stimulating artists.
The Times

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Material Men

Material Men is a virtuoso piece for two dazzling performers and artists of the Indian diaspora, each of whom chose to dance very differently. Contrasts in style between classical and hip hop, as well as similarities of origin, are the starting points for a dynamic exploration of rhythm, location and shared history.

…marvellously intense… the double edges of clarity and complexity, contrast and connection, are pure Jeyasingh.
The Guardian

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Touring Requirements

Our touring requirements are very flexible and we are always open to negotiation. The following information gives some general guidance.

We usually tour with between 6 and 16 people (depending on the production), including dancers, crew, artistic team and tour manager. For further information please contact:

Ella Minton

Our Performances

  • For theatre work, we can programme a mixed bill with two pieces from our current repertoire or one full length piece
  • The average theatre performance lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour 20 minutes including interval
  • Site specific work is usually fixed in format and length. Please contact Ella Minton to discuss this further

General Production Information

  • Number of dancers depends on specific rep presented but ranges between 2 and 9
  • We travel with two crew members and need up to three local crew members
  • We usually require at least one day before to set up theatre pieces and at least two for site specific pieces

Theatre Venue Requirements

  • We can present in any auditorium capacity, depending on the specific work
  • Our preferred minimum stage area for theatres is 10m wide x 10m deep x 6m high. We can discuss whether adapting to a smaller stage is possible
  • We use existing lighting rigs and sound systems to specification agreed by Sander Loonen, Production Manager
  • We may also require provision to install our own lighting and sound

Technical Information

If you would like further information regarding our technical requirements please email Sander Loonen.

Footage and Images

Password-protected online footage and images are available. For access to these, please email Ella Minton.

Learning and Participation

We can offer wrap-around learning and participation work, to engage audiences, students of all levels as well as community groups of a range of levels and abilities. For more information please email Alice Odin.


We can always tailor our packages to fit your budget. Please email Ella Minton for further information.