Elena Kats-Chernin


Elena Kats-Chernin is one of Australia’s leading composers. Trained in Moscow, Australia and Germany, her distinctive idiom reflects her unique personal history. Her music often combines chiseled rhythmic pulsation with a bittersweet melodic/harmonic language, and her diverse output includes operas, orchestral works, chamber and solo pieces, plus music for dance, film, and theatre. Interpreters include Ensemble Modern, Bang on a Can All-Stars and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Other Works include: Clocks1993, for ensemble and tape, Book of Rags ,1995–99, for piano, Wild Swans2002, Ballet with Eliza Aria and Wild Swans Suite, Mythic, 2004, for orchestra and Garden of Dreams2009, for didgeridoo, piano and orchestra.

Photo: Bridget Elliot